Niederberger-Engineering AG

1991 founded by Anton Niederberger, this enterprise focused on development, engineering and static calculations as a service company.

Between 1992 and 1995 our firm was repositioned by developing several own products.

The most popular of those are the one-man facade lifts SI 92, SI 95 and the NEX range including the NEX 1000, NEX 3000 and NEX 4000 for two people.

In 1998 the developments of the cleaning robot CleanAnt was started.

This robot is able to walk on edged and curved surfaces and to clean them.

The robot development took many years and was fully paid with Niederberger's own capital investments.

At the turn of the millennium Niederberger-Engineering changed it's legal form into a private limited company.

In 2002 two renowed innovation foundations recognised the potential of the CleanAnt and granted the Niederberger-Engineering AG their awards.

In the following years the CleanAnt was improved and the new robot range GEKKO was developed.

The GEKKO focus on flat surfaces and surpasses any other cleaning system in cleaning quality and speed.

In 2009 Serbot AG was founded to accelerate the robot production and distribution.

The know-how in robotics was transfered from Niederberger Engineering AG to this new enterprise.

The cleaning robots are presented and demonstrated regularly at the industrial exhibition of Hannover by Serbot AG.

Serbot AG is an independent firm and one of our partner companies.

2015 two additional spin-off companies was originated with products developed by niederberger engineering.

those are Swiss Service Robot AG and Imprimere AG.

Niederberger Engineering surely still accepts challenging external commission.

The team of Niederberger Engineering AG currently contains six engineers and constructors.

We're located at the Schinhaltenstrasse in Oberdorf.

Anton Niederberger

The experienced engineer and self made man founded Niederberger Engineering in 1991.

As an engineer he gained an extensive experience in machine constructions and has been participated on countless projects at the branches statics, facades, cleaning, food technology, machine engineering, gear construction, lightweight structures and robotics.

Apart from his business activity Mr. Niederberger took part at politics until 2014

Niederberger strives for creating and preserving jobs in the region.

Niederberger Engineering AG, Serbot AG and Imprimere AG surely are not the last technically outstanding firms founded by Anton Niederberger.

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